Wellness, redefined.

Feel good.         Look Good.          Be Well.       Discover You.

How do you define health and wellness?

It's changed over the years, hasn't it? Long held beliefs that we are separate from our bodies are being replaced with the truth that our minds, bodies and emotions are inextricably linked.  Our health care system is truly a sick care system, where we end up when our body gives up and creates dis-ease.

We invite you to journey into a new era of healing. We believe the body is more than physical. we know it to be spiritual and emotional as well.  To truly nourish the body, you must nourish the soul. We believe in the innate healing power of the body. We believe that we are here to learn, grow and move into the potential of what we can be.  The day-in and day-out mundane tasks that can fill our lives often leave us feeling empty & detached instead of joy-filled. We fail to see the beautywithin ourselves or others, wondering what life would be like if we were fulfilled, in love with life itself. 

We are much more than spa services. While we can melt away stress, brighten, tighten, lighten & tone your complexion & balance the body through Reflexology and more, we also offer lifestyle coaching and nutritional education so our guests can make informed decisions, intentional actions and empowered lives. 

When was the last time something sparked your soul?

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