sugaring - [shoog-er-ing] — v. a fantastically sweet method of removing unwanted body hair, whereby a tasty paste of sugar and water is applied to the hair and flicked off without strips or spatulas in the most ouchless form of hair removal available today.


Sugar Streak’s line of natural, environmentally friendly products are 100% water soluble, sanitary and even edible! 

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Lip or Chin:

Combine Two:

Combine Three


Ears &/or Nose:

Full Face:


Underarm + Half Arm:

Arms - half:

Arms - full:












Back or Chest:

Lower or Upper Leg:

Full Leg:

Lower or upper leg w/bikini

Lower or upper leg w/bikini plus

Lower or upper leg w/brazilian

Full leg w/bikini

Full leg w/bikini plus

Full leg w/brazilian

Bikini Line:

Bikini Plus:


Bikini w/underarm:

Bikini plus w/underarm:

Brazilian w/underarm:

















Since 2003, we’ve offered body sugaring to our clients.  While sugaring is an ancient form of hair removal, the extraction technique today allows us to remove hair with the direction of growth when it is only 1/16" long.  Sugaring is a natural water-soluble product applied at body temperature, never a chance to tear or burn the skin that can happen with other forms of hair removal. For more information on sugaring, or if you are a professional who is interested in offering sugaring in your spa or salon, please visit for more details including a list of classes offered in your area and online ordering!


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State of Texas!

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To better serve our clients, we require 8-hour notice for cancellation of appointments or there is a 50% charge per service.
Providing sugaring education since 1996.  Brazilian sugaring 
is our specialty!
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