Q: What type of massage is best for me?

A: We focus on what we call 'intuitive massage'.  Each client typically has a combination of pain and restriction, but also wants to relax and unwind.  The client gives us 'their story' and their body tells it's own.  Our job is to blend the two so the client gets the best of both worlds. 

Q: What is body sugaring and how does it compare to wax?

A:  Body sugaring combines an ancient method with a modern technique to remove hair. Unlike conventional methods, there are no strips or spatulas, sugar paste is 100% natural and water-soluble and sugaring removes hair with the direction of growth, reducing in-growns and early regrowth.


Q: I have a Brazilian scheduled. What should I expect?

A:  The best preparation for any sugaring, but particularly Brazilians, is to make sure you have 7-10 days of hair growth for your first visit. Don't use any lotions, serums or creams or do any indoor or outdoor tanning for 48 hours prior to your session.  The same goes for any products containing retinol, retin A or salicylic prior to a facial sugaring.  After your session, avoid anything that will make you sweat for 24 hours, tanning beds or outdoor tanning.


Q: What is energy medicine?

A: Heather has been trained in several modalities that are considered energetic in nature from Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing to Healing Touch.  A body worker for more than 20 years, it was fairly early in her career she realized the emotions that were stored in the body had a tremendous impact on the physical body even when the client was unaware of the links.  The lymphatic system coincides with the chakra system and is our emotional guidance system, directing more of our lives than most of us give credit for.  Using a combination of all of her training and intuition, energy medicine is most commonly scheduled for those times when we feel 'stuck' in our present circumstances and unable to 'shake it off'.   For client's who'd like a little deeper understanding, she recommends taking at look at the Healing Touch website for a more thorough understanding before scheduling a session. 

Our Policies and Procedures

  • We make every effort to provide enough time for each service and ask that you arrive on time for your treatment. We do request that first time clients arrive 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled appointment time to fill out the appropriate paperwork. Treatment times may vary slightly from the times indicated on the menu. Clients arriving 15 minutes past their appointment time will be rescheduled at the discretion of the professional and based on time allotted for the service scheduled.

  • Our policy is to provide the treatment during the time allotted, therefore late arrivals will be given the time remaining and the normal fee will be unchanged.

  • Any cancellation less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a 50% of total service fee. Same day cancellations, reschedules and no call/no shows will be charged 100% of the fee for the service booked and the next service will be pre-paid. For pre-paid packages, a cancellation, no call/no show or late arrival that requires a reschedule will be considered a service rendered and one service will be removed from your package.

  • A credit card is necessary to secure any package appointment.

  • Gift certificates are non-refundable, but can be used for in-store credit at the discretion of the therapist. Customized packages are available.

  • Please mind your manners. We reserve the right to ensure the comfort of our clients, and therefore reserve the right to refuse service for improper behavior. In such cases, services will be terminated and charges will remain unchanged.

  • CHILDREN: We absolutely understand that your children are angels. However, due to insurance laws and regulations and our own policies, children under the age of 12 are not allowed to be present during services in the treatment room. Children 8 and under cannot be left unattended in the lobby. Services for persons under 18 years of age require a parent to be present or be present to sign the consent form.

Personal Information

The information you provide is only available to LillyBelle Thearpies and will not be shared with other third parties. You have the right to inspect the information held about you. You always have the right to request LillyBelle Therapies to delete or correct the information held about you.


Payment is required when services are rendered. We accept all major credit cards.  No checks.

Card information is not stored and all card information is handled over SSL encryption. Please read the terms & conditions for the payment gateway Square for the transaction as they are responsible for the transactions made.

Frequently Asked Sugaring Questions:

Does it hurt?  The short answer boils down to 'pain is relative'.  We are removing hair by the root.  Sugaring should be the gentlest method you'll ever experience...so for our waxers, typically it won't hurt quite as bad.  If you're a novice and have never had hair removed by the root, then yep...it's gonna be a little painful.  Things that make it more painful:  dry skin, hair longer than 5-7 days (after shaving) of growth and being close to your menstrual cycle are the top culprits.

What is a brazilian?  A brazilian is a full sugaring 'down there'.  All the hair is removed from the belly button and all the way around to the backside. With that said, our policy at LillyBelle is your time is yours.  If you signed up for a brazilian and don't want all of the hair gone, just let us know.  We can remove as much or as little as you feel good about. We do provide brazilians for women, men are welcome with a personal referral only for bikini and brazilian services.

How long will my appointment take?  Each service takes a different amount of time and for clients who combine multiple body parts, it can take more.  We've been sugaring a long time so some average times you can expect:  First time brazilians take about 20 minutes, less on subsequent visits; brow and lip sugaring, about 10 minutes, full face, 15-20 minutes; underarms can take 10-20 minutes.  All timing is subject to different factors: dry skin, course hair, dense hair and tanning regimen. 

Why should I sugar instead of wax?  There are many benefits to sugaring. Sugaring is a natural form of hair removal that isn't hot.  As a matter of fact, it's water-soluble.  What that means for you is a product that can never tear or burn the skin.  With sugaring, we require 5-7 days of hair growth instead of the 10-14 days waxing requires.  We remove the hair with the direction of growth instead of against, reducing the chance of in-growns or hair breakage.  And finally, there are no strips or spatulas.  We use one ball of sugar for the entire body, making it a quicker and cleaner service.

If there is something we didn't answer here, please feel free to text us at 817-999-5155 for the fastest response.  We look forward to hearing from you.