We know that the path will be a long one for our neighbors and colleagues in South Texas.  With disasters like these, often the victims don't have the proper insurance to rebuild and federal aid can take time.  To get from point A to point B, victims usually rely on loans and aid from families, putting a strain on finances as families try to get their feet back underneath them.

Having been in the beauty industry in north Texas for more than 20 years, many of my friends and colleagues have been majorly impacted and their friends and families have lost so much if not absolutely everything.

We've launched a You Caring fundraiser and are working hard to find the families most affected and with the most need. As of this posting on the 2nd of September, 2017 we are beginning to locate the victims as the waters recede and the devastation is measured.

We've got two ways to donate.  The You Caring campaign and through our SassyPants Tees link.  100% of the proceeds of our You Caring campaign and 75% of our Sassy Pants proceeds go to assist the families in need.

• Debbie Rhyne Murphy lives in Dickinson, Texas.  She's gutting her house today, but does not have flood insurance. 


Our little t-shirt shop is another way to help.  Feel free to browse.  Unless specifically noted, 75% of the proceeds will go to our South Texas Relief Fund through YouCaring as listed above.