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I read once that the definition of legendary is someone or something that has become famous or well-known as the result of a distinctive skill or unique characteristic, And so...I've decided that we ALL must be quite legendary from time to time. 
My path turned out to be anything but expected...I came to be out of  a fairly ordinary and casual upbringing and while I'm still uncertain I ever had epic goals in mind as a young woman, here I am. I've done things in quite the opposite fashion of what society presumes to be normal and found myself married, with darling babies and a massage therapy business by the time I was 25.  Less than a decade later, I'd jumped into what everyone warned would be a fad and added sugaring services and education to my menu.  In a few short years, I went from educating professionals for someone else's brand to distributing someone else's product to just, oh, the heck with it, doing it all.  Apparently when you surround yourself with other go-getter's, you can accomplish absolutely anything.
LillyBelle is my brick-and-mortar where I provide all services, am the co-owner and Director of Education for Sugar Streak and have lined my walls with training and certifications throughout the last 20 plus years and am happily married with two of the most fabulous daughters in existence. 
Not every day is filled with glitter and rainbows and entrepreneurs know this quite well, but my passion is to empower and excite those who cross paths with me.  My goal is to serve in ways both seen and unseen.  And should I find myself wishing I could run away from this empire of occasional chaos I've created, I find my mentors, my encouragers and I get back to being led to do my work.
My name is Heather Wilson and it is fabulous to meet you.

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