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Where Do I Start?

As with all plant-based products, dosing is as individual as people themselves.  Because we know that different tinctures are beneficial for different reasons, we always prefer to have a conversation before suggesting a product.  We also know that some prefer to make this decision on their own so please keep these things in mind when choosing your starting point:


  • Stronger isn't always better.  Remember that the body will discard excess cannabinoids. We're simply looking for the sweet spot using a good CBD oil to trigger the body's own systems to produce more cannabinoids and bring the body back into balance, reducing inflammation.  

  • A good question to ask when deciding which product to begin with is this:  is this a mild condition or is it chronic?  In other words, is your concern prominent in your day to day life and quite persistent or does it run under the know it's there but it isn't debilitating.  

  • Finally, the pain or interruption level:  1-5 or 6-10, 10 being extremely painful and disruptive daily.  

These are all concepts we begin with, but there is nothing specific to work with until we have a measurable result. It may be small, but it must be measurable.  This may look like more focus, more energy, better sleep, fewer headaches, a calmer sense throughout the day or a reduction in pain.  You should see this within 3 days of use, otherwise we need to adjust the amount you are consuming or the strength.  


We strongly encourage reaching out so that we can help you choose the right product.  If you'd rather begin on your own, here is a good set of guidelines:


  • Children 13 & under:  250mg 

  • Teens to young adult: Silver and Gold

  • Mild conditions for adults: Silver, Gold, Ruby

  • Chronic conditions for adults: Silver, Gold, Ruby and Emerald.  

Our entire line takes the benefits of the CBG molecule as an isolate and re-blends with the remaining molecules so that the product really 'packs a punch!'.  While this may not make a lot of sense for the average user, it is simply a basic worth noting, should you be dealing with a chronic issue.  Once you have found a measurable result, the idea is always to use that product until you feel like you've reached a place of balance.  If you believe that a lower dosage will keep you there, this is the best time to take it down a notch if you'd like.  


We hope this has given you a starting point, but always encourage a conversation.  Due to the fact that we are a small business, we highly encourage texting us to schedule a phone call.  We are often with clients both in session and out and receive a large number of sales calls as well.  We've found this is the best solution so that we can be the most proactive in our client's decision-making process.  Our goal is always a results-oriented relationship.

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