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Social Strategies for Sugarists

The goal of every Sugar Specialist is to build one heck of a clientele...but not all of us are great at marketing those sugaring skills.  Social Strategies for Sugarists is here to take the pain of online marketing away.  Each month, we'll post eight sugar specific posts on your behalf, creating a consistent stream of information so you can be seen.

How it works:  We start with Strategy Session.  This typically takes about a half hour and lets us get to know you and your needs along with your goals for your social media.  From there we'll create a schedule of posts each month, focusing on sugaring and creating a strategy to achieve your goals.  We focus on Facebook, TikTok and Instragram and send you the insights each month so you can see what's working and what isn't.  

Every three months, we'll check in and see what might need to be adjusted or fine tuned.  If you need to create those channels, we can do that too.  

Schedule your Strategy Session today! 

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