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Face & Neck

Facial sugaring is safe and gentle for ladies of all ages. Due to it's water-soluble nature, sugar is safe for ages 9 to 90! We do get requests for anything from the middle of a uni-brow to sideburns all the way to full facial sugaring including the neck and yes, we can sugar that too. Since sugaring removes hair from the root, your skin will be soft, hair-free, smooth and freshly exfoliated. We use one ball of sugar for the entire body, giving you a safe and efficient hair-removal session every time. 

Bikini to Brazilians

Our #1 service, removing hair in the bikini region is easily one of the most convenient services you can choose.  From ingrown hairs to razor burn, client's choose our sugaring service because we do more than just remove the hair.  Our goal is to get your skin in it's optimal condition and we work with you every step of the way on exfoliation and hydration practices that lead to your best skin.  What does all this have to do with getting sugared? The better condition the skin is in not only makes the session easier, it means your skin will be smoother, healthier and more balanced.


There are a few options to choose from.  What makes the difference? The bikini line is considered the area that would show in a swimsuit and we sugar to just inside that line leaving nothing visible while you're enjoying the pool, lake or wide open ocean. Bikini Plus moves from that line all the way in with as little or as much removed as you'd like.  Some prefer a wider area left and others prefer a thinner strip.  The call is yours and includes the back-side if desired.  The ever famous Brazilian removes everything from front to back. For our safety and yours we only sugar women when it comes to bikini to brazilians. 

Not everyone is ready for "the full enchilada" so know that if you're not sure if you're ready and willing, simply let us know.  We'll work within your comfort level every single time.  And for our guests who are dealing with "that time of month" or - on the other end of the spectrum - have a bun in the oven, take a look at our Pregnancy to Period FAQ.  Last but not least, we offer package pricing for our frequent fliers.  

The Rest of the Body

Hair removal doesn't just create convenience, it also allows our staff to assist you in best skin care practices.  Glowing, smooth skin is our goal and every client has different needs.  We'll not only remove the hair with the most skin-friendly hair removal method, we'll assess what steps you may need to adjust in your skin care regimen to achieve the best results possible. 

Popular Combinations

We often get requests for multiple body parts and like the rest of our sugaring services, our aim is silky, smooth hair free skin. Please note that in our studio, full-body sugaring is typically brow & lip, underarms, full legs, and brazilian but we know that different body parts matter to different people.  *While our price point is $175 and is the highest dollar amount a full-body sugaring would cost, this may be a lesser amount, with many factors at play and will be priced at the discretion of the Sugar Expert providing the service. We welcome any questions that pertain specifically to your needs. 

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