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LillyBelle Coaching offers a unique approach to personal growth and transformation; one that focuses on creating an environment where you feel seen and heard. With empathy, an open heart, and a passion for change, LillyBelle Coaching provides you with a sacred space to explore what you need in life to create the lasting change you desire.

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Years of bodywork led to insight that the body told it's own story that often the client didn't even recognize themselves. Heather has spent close to three decades as a student of philosophy, self-improvement, energy medicine and holistic healing strategies.  A Certified Holistic Health Coach and student of Healing Touch, Heather is a truly Transitionary Guide, assisting clients by using tools and techniques garnered over the years to meet the unique needs of every individual. 

There is little doubt any more that we are energetic beings.  We know that feelings (the thinking part) fuel the emotions (the body's part) and together, that generates our energy - or how we show up.  We live in a high-pressure world but dismiss our stress levels. We shove aside our struggles, put on our brave face and just do what needs to be done. There isn't time to process what's really going on anyway.  Sound familiar?


What if you could change that? 


Whether it's an energy session where Heather works with the chakra system to rebalance your energetic flow or diving in a little deeper with a coaching session - or a series of them - if you're here, then you're ready to peel back the layers, own your own shit and make changes you've been promising yourself for far too long. 

The results show up as clarity, encouragement and motivation, a reminder your power, your wholeness.  It's time to get R.E.A.L. 


Through heart-centered intention and skill, let's reestablish your body's natural energy flow.


Let's get R.E.A.L. 

Raw. Empowered.

Authentic. Liberated. 

Discover the real you. 


Get your energetic flow and add three sessions of strategy, implementation and accountability to create the ultimate shift you're ready to make.

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