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Eclipses and Turning Points

Originally written in 2016, but the relevance is still here...

Just in case you’ve missed it, our entire nation – world really – is in chaos.  I keep trying to disconnect from the heavy load out there and find the joy and the laughter.  It’s difficult since even my social feeds are full of opinions and a focus on the ugly parts of our world, the hatred.  And since I’m one of the weird ones – and totally okay with that – I follow a lot of the mystical world, the energetic world, astrology and so forth. I’ve been listening to quite a few things that cause me to think and now, share.

Human beings have evolved since the dawn of time, thank God.  We’ve evolved individually and collectively.  During evolution, things come in to our awareness that we learn from – good and bad.  In my world, we call them the Light and the Shadow.  It is our mind that gives the judgment call.  Astrologically, eclipses land around the time that we need to grow…a pulse point if you will.  We’re all focused on this eclipse today, even though they actually happen quite regularly and are typically visible somewhere in the world.  

So here we are in the middle of several planetary retrogrades, some rather unusual with these eclipses and transitions taking place and the utter chaos we’re feeling and seeing surrounds us.  And we’re engaged.  Some more than others, but we are fully engaged in the raging battle of what is right and what is wrong.

It reminds me of a quote out of Power vs. Force:  “We change the world not by what we say or do, but as a consequence of what we have become.”  Yes, slavery was bad.  Yes, politicians do things for gain and not ‘for the right reasons.’ Yes, the KKK are uneducated awful people, along with a few other groups that have cropped up.  Yes to all of the viewpoints you have on this issue or any of the others that stick in your mind and give you a reason to be pissed.  But I urge you to take a step back and look at where we are from a much higher vantage point.  

Any time we evolve, whether at a personal level or in a community, we must have something that causes the evolution to occur…something that triggers the shadow so that it can be brought to light.  Think about the last time you had to change something in your life.  Your health, a relationship, a job or an entire career…what doesn’t challenge us, doesn’t change us as the saying goes. 

This is not a black and white time, an either/or.  This is a complex period of time where we have to move from the 3rd chakra into the 4th.  This is a time to bring about what is within each of us. This is a time of distinction.  If you take a look at your family or the community you run in, or even your job, you’ll find that there are those who are strong in some areas and not so much in others.  For example, I’m a big picture person and need those around me that are excellent at details.  I need to own my strengths and weaknesses, my Light and my Shadow selves.  Now it’s time to call you out.  Today of all days, where are you eclipsing your own light? 

The truth is, there isn’t one of us that isn’t claiming that we’re kind, compassionate and empathetic and at the same time giving the virtual (or even physical) finger to someone else.  We’ve been locked in a power struggle for so long, it’s hard to have the grace to step out, much less allow or even celebrate another’s differences. By stepping out and away from the struggle, by going within to find what makes you tick, by leveraging THAT and sharing it with someone who needs what you have to offer…that’s how we transition.  THAT is how we BECOME the nation we truly want to see.  THAT is evolution.

Utopia isn’t a thing we can achieve as a collective.  There are far too many concepts of what that world would truly look like.  There are, however, many ways to move into a more functional – and loving – world. 

Over the coming days and weeks, you’ll see the chaos peak and hopefully begin to settle.  During that time, I encourage you to disconnect from anything that keeps you distracted from who you really are.  Right now, racism is a buzzword, yet within most of our own circles we truly see people of all races getting along just fine.  Oppression, whether by religion, gender, race or any other affiliation is another ‘in your face’ topic.  Again, look around.  What do youreallysee?

Evil will always exist.  Power struggles will continue, individually and in a broader spectrum.  There will ALWAYS be growth potential, always a place we evolvefromand thento.  We must recognize that the shadows, the dark, come to our awareness when we are ready to change.  Do you see it, this pivot point we are all feeling in some way or other?

Look for what sparks you.  IS it oppression?  If so, of what?  Dig deep.  It’s important to know because that’s your work.  THAT is where you start.  Get involved in what drives you OUTSIDE of social media.  Learn more about what changes can or need to take place and how you can participate.  That 3rd chakra energy is all about self-esteem and the warrior energy.  This is where we’ve been. The 4th chakra that we’re moving into is our heart center.  In the heart chakra, there is no conflict.  That may be that utopian concept that we can’t achieve, but we can move towards it.  We can recognize those that seek to disrupt our journeys as distractions we don’t have to engage in.  We can turn off the news; we can unfollow pages that don’t serve us.  We can, we can, and we CAN focus on what we DO want.  We can be okay with someone who doesn’t look like us, think like us, pray like us or in any way BE like us.  And likewise, I’m not required to make you feel okay with where you are, to find a special trophy or pin to let you be you.  That keeps us in the 3rd chakra, the one we should be outgrowing.

If we really DO want change, we can do so by creating movements.  Movements bring awareness andinspireothers to join.  Inspiration doesn’t require yelling, protests, being right, criticizing others or patronizing them.  Inspiration stirs us to action.  It doesn’t push.  Inspiration makes us WANT to get on board, to join hands and make changes.  As the Persian Mystic Rumi said, “Raise your words, not your voice.  It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

I hope that today – and moving forward – you find your calling, that you see the Shadow within you and bring it to light.  The freedom that comes from recognizing who you really are, is liberating and automatically gives others permission to do the same thing.  Think of just how much energy you’ll have to focus on bringing joy, purpose and magic into this world when you let go of what no longer serves.    

Today, focus on what you’re planning on bringing forward.  We’re almost at full steam ahead as the eclipse makes it’s way across the US.  Be sure you’re focused on what you DO want…because it’s coming.


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