Contains our 8 oz Gentle Cleanser, our 6 oz Gentle cleanser with salicylic acid, 4 oz of Rhassoul Clay and 16oz Hydrating Lotion.  Our Hydrating Lotion is available in both unscented & scented.  We use essential oils for their therapeutic benefits and ability to penetrate the skin. Lavender and lemon provide a light, clean scent in the scented lotion only.

Complexions Skin System

  • As a general rule, we recommend our Gentle Cleanser for both morning and evening facial cleanses and suggest that our Gentle Cleanser with Salicylic Acid be used sparingly depending on your skins needs...2-3 times per week.  The Hydrating Lotion can be used from head to toe.  Being an aloe vera and water-based lotion means you can use it as often as you wish.

    Rhassoul Clay is quite versatile and can be used to both hydrate and detoxify the skin.  Using a clay mask a couple of times a week will help improve the tone and texture of your skin.  Rhassoul Clay holds three times its weight in water, so mix a bit of clay with water to a glue-like consistency.  You want it to be mixed just enough to not run when placed on the skin.  

    For acne and congested skin, we suggest letting the mask dry a bit.  Remove with water and then cleanse the skin normally.  For all other skin, do not let the mask dry to much.  The more you can keep it damp, the more it will hydrate the skin.  Remove it with water and cleanse normally.  Follow all steps with Hydrating Lotion.

  • Due to the nature of our products, we will fully refund a purchase of unopened product only within 30 days of purchase.