Sugar Me!

We get a lot of questions about body sugaring and are always excited to answer!  Sugaring has been around for centuries but the modern twist on this ancient technique means sugaring is readily available for all your hair removal needs. From brows to backs, underarms to brazilians, we sugar all body parts. 

​Sugar is known for it's skin-friendly properties.  It is water-soluble which means we can't tear the skin; it's applied at body temperature so there is no risk of burning the skin either. We remove the hair with the direction of growth instead of against so the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation is greatly reduced and because we are Sugar Experts here at LillyBelle, we take steps to ensure that not only will you have excellent results, you'll leave with tools and techniques to improve your skin as well.

If this is your first visit with us, please review our FAQ's prior to scheduling you appointment.  For our first timers, you're welcome to save a step by filling out your intake form ahead of time.  We also respectfully request that you take note of our policies and procedures that include our cancellation and no-show policies.  Our primary practice does consist of serving our female guests.  We will see male clientele for bikini and brazilian services when they are referred personally.  We do welcome our male clientele for any of our other sugaring services at any time, such as brows, backs, chests, etc. ​Due to the nature of our services, we do reserve the right to accept, decline or stop any service for inappropriate behavior at any time.

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Your Sugar Experts

Owner of LillyBelle and co-owner of Sugar Streak, Heather has been sugaring for over 15 years. What started as a service to her husband and two girls quickly morphed into a service to clients. Known for her crazy sense of humor, Heather loves her family & her two tiny yorchies but despises those 8-legged demonic creatures called spiders.

Having been sugared from age 9 by the crazy woman known as Mom, Khristina knew early on that she'd follow in those footsteps.  Well, sugaring footsteps.  It's too early to tell on the crazy...

Khristina loves dogs, despises wasps and has a passion for details.