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Passion & Purpose & Direction


Dwell in the impossible.  That's where the magic lives.

Did you forget how? Or think there cannot possibly be any magic out there for someone like you. Sometimes, you just need someone who can help you find new perspectives, better ways to do life and help keep you accountable to the changes you are oh, so ready to make. 

It can be so easy to get lost in the mechanics of our lives that finding calm in the chaos seems completely unattainable.  That's exactly why I'm here. And I've been there too.

It's time to get R.E.A.L.  Raw. Empowered. Authentic. Liberated.  Who you are is a direct result of where you come from.  Together you and I will unpack, deconstruct and rebuild, and I'll be with you every step of the way.  From deciding what your goals are, figuring out your energy zappers, learning how to dream big (and what this really means) to getting unstuck, setting boundaries and letting go. Each session is customized specifically for you.


We'll define, create and re-create your vision. Together we will navigate the water until you find your path (and your peace) in life. 

Using insight and intuition I will help you uncover your true essence, release mental and emotional blocks & create a map to your new destiny - the one you've been truly craving...the one your soul has known all along.  I'll guide you through self-discovery, self-awareness & assist you in finding passion and purpose that will allow you to move into your next steps emboldened, enlightened and in your own truth.  You will create a new mind-set, increase your self-confidence and level-up your own self image.  Are you ready?

Here's how it works...

Change can be hard, no matter how bad we want it,  so if change is in the air for you, let's make sure it's the change you're wanting. And let's make damn sure it sticks.

No matter what you're struggling with, we've got a wide range of tools to fit your needs so that we can implement, test and review regularly.  That means you'll keep what's working and toss what isn't. Whether you're seeking direction, clarity, empowerment or just guidance on which way to turn next, once you commit to the work, I know passion and purpose are just around the bend, ready to be folded into the life you've been working to build. And you've got the full force of me to keep you going. We'll stay connected through our calls and via e-mail in between.


A single session is 90 minutes and runs $149.  This may be enough or maybe you need a bit more comprehensive approach.

If so, you can choose from 4, 8 or 12 sessions.  Customized to fit you and your lifestyle.  Collaboration is the name of the game, working together to imagine, design and implement your transitions.  We meet regularly (zoom or in person) to strategize, focus and uncover the limitations keeping you small.  In between, I'm available via email.  Some clients email every morning, others once a week, but we are a team and I am your accountability partner.  In other words, I am your Transitional Guide to your personal transformation.


My combination series is the most popular, beginning with an Energy Session to uncover what's holding you back, especially when you can't quite define it, followed with three Transformational Guidance sessions. By using these sessions after your energy work, you gain clarity, a plan of action and implementation strategies so that what you learn actually sticks.  

Take your pick and Heather will be in contact during the next available business hours (no more than 24) to get you started and schedule your sessions.  Feel free to use our chat feature below for any questions before you dive in.






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