Finding Passion & Purpose

Transitional Guidance

Sometimes, you just need someone who can help you find new perspectives, better ways to do life and help keep you accountable to the changes you are oh, so ready to make.  That's exactly why I'm here. If you're looking for more of an in-depth transformation in your life then Pathfinder is for you.  From deciding what your goals are, finding out your energy zappers, learning how to dream big (and what this really means) to getting stuck, setting boundaries and letting go. Heather has designed this program with you in mind and will customize it to exactly what you need.

Through insight and intuition together you will uncover your true essence, release mental & emotional blocks & crate a map to your new destiny - the one you've been truly craving.. the one your soul has know all along.  Heather will guide you through self-discovery, self-awareness & assist you in finding passion and purpose that will allow you to move into your next steps emboldened, enlightened and in your own truth.  You will create a new mind-set, increase your self-confidence and level-up your own self image.  Are you ready?

Here's how it works...

When you join me on your own Pathfinder quest, we will enjoy 8 life-changing session together.  Sounds like a lot doesn't?  It is.  But we as humans don't change what's easy, so if change is in the air for you, let's make sure it's the change you're wanting. And let's make damn sure it sticks.

No matter what you're struggling with, we'll start with an assessment and begin by reviewing what's working and what isn't.  Whether you're seeking direction, clarity, empowerment or just guidance on which way to turn next, when you commit to the work, I know passion and purpose are just around the bend, ready to be folded into the life you've been working to build. 

The structure of each of these programs is built directly on your focus.  Every two weeks we will meet - in person or online - with email support in between, during our time together.  Each session can be last up to 2 hours depending on the goals and agenda during your journey.  From an assessment to define where you are and what the focus is, our time can include a variety of tools and techniques to uncover self-limitation, self-sabotage, find strengths and uncovering strategies that can be used to take action on new goals, all while I hold you accountable. 

As with all paths you may just need one strategy session that is 90-120 minutes or you may prefer the more comprehensive program. Either way, you'll have results that speak for themselves. Once you sign up, (schedule online with the Pathfinder Program) Heather will connect with you to get started and set up your times.  If you have any questions at all, Heather can answer them at 817-999-5155.  She is extremely text friendly. ​



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